• Member Survey

    Please share your opinions and ideas with us so that we may serve you better.
    1. How is your business functioning now?
    Better than Normal About the Same Below Normal At Risk of Closing
    Sales Numbers
    Customer Traffic
    Hours of Operation
    please assess your operations compared to your "normal" for this time of year.
    2. What resources and strategies are you utilizing to adapt and navigate through this time?
    Yes No
    PPP, SBA Loans, or other governmental assistance
    Reducing Operating Expenses (Staff, materials, marketing)
    Introducing new products or ways of service
    Utilizing Savings
    3. Are you currently marketing, and if so, in what ways ?
    Engaging Current Customers Prospecting New Targets General Messaging Not utilizing
    Social Media
    Direct Mail
    Email Marketing
    Newspaper/Print Ads
    4. If the Chamber offered targeted, noncompetitive, shared promotional opportunities would you be interested in participating ?
    Yes, Most Likely Possibly Not Interested
    Direct Mail
    Radio or TV
    Loyalty App
    5. What is your business policy or company comfort level with the following at this time?
    Fine, No Problem Would Consider Not Now
    Having a Chamber Representative visit my location
    Meeting a Chamber Rep at a Public Place/ Restaurant
    Attending a Chamber Event with precautions like distancing & masks
    6. Which of these kind of activities are of interest to you now ?
    Yes Yes, with precautions Maybe No, not now Not Interested
    In person networking opportunities
    Online networking opportunities
    In person information & trainnig
    Online information & training
    In person events - speakers & socializing
    Online events: speakers & socializing
    7. More specifically, would you/your business be interested in participating in the following opportunities if offered by the Chamber this year?
    Yes Yes with precautions Maybe No, not now Not Interested
    Golf Tournament
    Bowling Tournament
    Top Golf Event
    Online Auction
    Casino Night
    Luncheons with Speakers
    Outdoor/Family Event
    Other: Your Ideas
    8. In this Election Year, which of the following opportunities are most important to you?
    Highly Important Somewhat Important Not Important
    Opportunity to mee local candidates in person
    Opportunity to compare local candidates directly, like in a forum
    Opportunity to ask candidates questions
    Access to recorded interviews with the candidates I can access on my schedule
    Information on where the candidates stand on different issues
    *Please provide your name & business so that we may provide any resources or assistance you have identified. Thank you.