• About Membership

  • By choosing to become a member of the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber, you are making an investment in our community, your business, and your own personal and professional development. 

    The Chamber provides many opportunities for you to grow your business by building new relationships, raising your business's visibility, increasing your presence in the community, and enhancing your skills and those of your staff. 

    Your membership is versatile, offering a wide range of benefits to fit your individual needs. Please advise what your goals are and we can advise which features will be most advantageous for you. 

    With busy schedules, it is often difficult for one person to cover all the bases.  We are happy to welcome any member of your staff to join us in representing you. 

    There may be times when it is difficult to get away from your business to attend.  Please know that we will certainly miss you, but understand this is reality. 

    Even when you cannot attend, your membership is still working hard increasing your visibility on the internet, through our office, and in the community. 

    As with so many investments, the more you put in, the more you will get out.  We appreciate our confidence and look forward to working with you to grow your business and increase the prosperity of our community. 


    Your business is recognized by potential customers and other businesses as a leader in our community. 

    You have opportunities to get involved in helping to make a difference in our community. 

    You have access to engage with elected officials and influence policies that affect your business. 

    You have invitations to participate in events where you can connect with other business leaders. 

    You have a network of advocates who can bring you business through personal referrals, telephone requests, website and community directory listings, and more. 

    You and your staff can participate in discussions and workshops that will help our business stay current on trends, training, and skills development. 


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